Let's Talk About

Let's talk about ... A series of publications by Galerie Mathias Güntner... Volumes 1-5: Five artists, five nights. A kitchen table, red wine, cigarettes, a recording device. Any subject is allowed. The Hamburg writer Dagrun Hintze has edited the recordings of the nightly artist talks into poetic-essayistic monologues. The texts search for the attitude behind the respective artistic work, for an answer to the question: Why does someone become an artist?
Jörg Rode talks about the attempt to implement systemic theory aesthetically and devotes himself to a poetry of indifference. Bernhard Frue performs amputations on his name and can only imagine an existence as a dustman as an alternative to being an artist. Jan Köchermann doesn't speak, but lets people speak, while Marc Lüders talks about the panic attacks that overtake him in the face of the Kunstforum. And Boran Burchhardt sees the artist as a failed revolutionary who had to realize that there is no point in picking up a gun.
5-volume package in a slipcase: each volume is the size of a coat pocket. Each volume is produced to a high standard: hand-glued and with varnished screen printing. Each volume contains an eight-page illustrated section and two text booklets, one in German and one in English.

For volumes 6-10, Nora Sdun, ghostwriter and journalist, publisher (Textem-Verlag) and co-editor of the magazine Kultur & Gespenster, is the linguistic counterpart for the artists Alexandra Ranner (vol. 6), Thorsten Brinkmann (vol. 7), Susanne Kutter (vol. 8), Joachim Grommek (vol. 9) and Gerold Tagwerker (vol. 10).