Louisa Frauenheim


Louisa Frauenheim (*1990 in Hamburg, lives in Berlin) completed her studies at the UDK in 2022 as a master student of Monica Bonvicini, received the Karl Hofer Scholarship in the same year and was nominated for the UDK Art Award in 2023. In her works, she combines biographical memories with collective cultures of remembrance. Her grandmother's house forms a central starting point for this - as a place where objects are found that find their way into Frauenheim's works, but also as the subject of her video films, which often revolve around the questions of what spaces store and how they can be remembered. One of the artist's recurring materials is porcelain: for performances, sculptures and objects, she uses a porcelain service inherited from her grandmother, which she supplements with plates and cups from the flea market. She is interested in its connection to stereotypes of femininity - on the one hand, porcelain stands for preciousness and fragility (according to which a woman is better treated "gently"), while the material is also associated with the "hysterical woman" who throws plates against the wall, or is given to female footballers as a prize for winning a European Championship title. Frauenheim's piles of broken glass contain less destruction than liberation, which doesn't mean that you can't be hurt by them. (Text: Dagrun Hintze)


EXHIBITIONS (selection)

2024 Border shift, Kunstverein Ebersberg
2023 MAL, Gallery Mathias Güntner, Berlin
won't you get your big machine, Spoiler, Berlin
UdK Art Award 2023, University of the Arts, Berlin
2022 Interassemblages, Nodal Relay, Acud Gallery, Berlin
Alleine, Institute for Everything Possible, Berlin
I`m in the doorway, Projektraum 145, Berlin
2021 Under this skin I will have to rot, Das Gift, Berlin
Air,48h Neukölln, Berlin
Inside Pink Outside Pink, Kunstverein Rosa-Luxemburg, Berlin
2018 Sister Stones and Blocks of Anger, Queer Petrographies Group Show, District Berlin


2022 Karl Hofer Scholarship